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School of Humanities

The School of Humanities is the place at Coventry where we interrogate the nature of the human experience.  We seek to understand humanity by studying the past, how international entities interact, the social constructs that govern our lives and the political structures we have built to govern us.  Armed with the knowledge we discover and create, we aim to make positive and constructive changes to the world around us.  From issues related to gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, civil rights, and beyond, the School of Humanities is committed to understanding, and advancing, the human experience.

In this Degree Show, we are proud to showcase a sample of the work being produced in our School.  In this collection, you will find examples of the creative and critical thinking of which our graduates are capable.  You will find creative writing, prose and poetry, documentary-making, and critical analysis.  From imaginative use of the written word to films about the history of gender and Disney, we hope this show will give you a small insight into the type of fields into which our amazing graduates will enter.

School of Humanities Introduction Talk