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Foundation Art and Design

Before the world changed, our students were thinking about the idea of movement; how we travel, the progress we make, the influence we have on others and the act of being still. The collective work ‘MOVE ON’ is a snapshot of what has been produced for their final major projects

It was always the intention that the culminating work from this project would have the ability to be showcased in different places, and not solely viewed on one platform in a traditional gallery environment. Our students recognise the importance of a flexible approach, and have been exploring ways to represent their work both in a physical and digital environment throughout their course, their full range of work can be viewed on https://instagram.com/covfad

To the class of 2020, it has been a pleasure; we have encountered many challenges along the way and you have shown that you are resilient, high spirited and ready for anything! You all have bright futures ahead. Good luck and congratulations. Team Foundation X

Foundation Art & Design Introduction Talk